Carraro oil


From the collaboration between Carraro and Fuchs comes Power Life Lub, the excellent Carraro lubricant that guarantees optimal lubrication for transmissions and axles.

power life lub is available in the following formats 5l, 20l, 200l.



Two different types of oils are available:

80 W – 90. Multigrade oil for gearboxes also not synchronized, differentials, power translators, PTOs of agricultural machinery, construction and heavy transport without wet brakes and clutches.

UNIVERSAL 80W U.T.T.O. High-performance lubricant for hydraulic systems, differentials, final drives with wet brakes and clutches for agricultural machinery and construction equipment.

Why to choose Carraro Oil?

Guaranteed product quality

Because it is tested and approved by Carraro.

Long life for your machine

Guaranteed by optimal lubrication of all transmission, clutch and brake units and high protection against wear.

High performance

Regardless of the oil temperature.

Extended maintenance intervals

Thanks to the optimal component formulation.