Thanks to its consolidated engineering and manufacturing expertise in mechanics applied to the off-highway sector, as well as an extensive Network of distributors in each region, Carraro is now able to offer Carraro Reman, a new and prompt service to meet the demands of its customers in an increasingly timely manner.


What is Carraro Reman?

An advanced “remanufacturing” system applied to specific Carraro product ranges: axles, transmissions and hydraulic drives for a broad spectrum of applications, from construction to agriculture, from mining to industrial vehicles.


Advantages of a Carraro Reman 

Saving time & money

Because delivery can take place almost in real-time, minimising burdensome machine downtimes.


Maintaining component value

Each component replaced with a “reman” product is analysed and valued at the invoicing level.


Quality guaranteed

Because all regenerated products are made with original Carraro components.


Manufacturer’s guarantee

Because it’s always a Carraro product.


100% tested products

Because every product is validated by us according to our Quality standards.


Products “as new”

Because these are components remanufactured according to the precise Carraro design specifications.