A comparative analysis, performed in the laboratory, showed the higher quality of the original filter Carraro 040701 (OEM: 9968085 ; 5470407010000000 ; C77AH22 ; 6110604M91 ; 852010049 ; NCT254686A1 ; PP2246200 ; 142118 ; 867-01-0328 ; F03/30841 ; C40941F ; 40701) compared to the competitor filters on the market for the following characteristics:

  • Filter material in glass fibre supported on both sides (internal and external filtering unit) with stainless wire mesh. This guarantees a SAFER USE WITH COLD START (pressure peaks up to 30 bar) and consequently a LONGER LIFE.
  • The competitors filters on the market are equipped only with a stainless wire mesh on external side. The filter part, in fibre and sometimes in paper, is vulnerable to the pressure peaks that may occur in conditions of cold oil. The result is the risk of a shorter life and therefore premature replacement.
  • Greater filter surface, al least 15%, compared to the competition. This correspond to a LONGER LIFE of the filter.
  • The by-pass valve, on the bottom of the element, is protected by an extra network of filtration. The function of this network is to avoid the spread in the hydraulic circuit of the contaminant part already filtered and deposited on the bottom of the filter.


  Carraro filter 040701 Competitors filters
Bends number 54 No more than 50
Filter total surface 1883 cm2 15% less
Filter structure Glass fibre supported on both side with stainless wire mesh Fibre supported only on external side with stainless wire mesh
By-pass valve Protected Not protected
  Longer Life and Reeliability  


This comparative analysis has also shown that the position of the by-pass valve in the filters (on the bottom or on the top of the element) is irrelevant to the eWects of the recirculation of contaminant part because in almost all of the CARRARO transmissions the filter is in horizontal position ! Carraro, Baldwin, Case, Donaldson and Wix filters have been the subjects of this analysis.